Experience the splendour of seamless indoor-outdoor living at one of Thailand’s swankiest private rental villas.

The run of bi-folding doors at Koh Samui’s Baan Fan Noi can be drawn back to create an expansive aperture, establishing an unbroken connection between inside and out.

Thanks to its inviting tropical climate and glorious sunny days, travellers heading to Thailand can look forward to spending plenty of time outdoors. For those keen to make the most of the country’s endless azure skies and golden sunsets, selecting the right accommodation is key, as you’ll want to stay in a place that allows you to maximise your al fresco experiences, whilst enjoying the benefit of indoor facilities at the same time.

Whether you’re keen to simply relax close to the pool or dine beneath the stars, Thailand’s private villas offer numerous choices when it comes to a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. The array of first-rate facilities has been cleverly designed to allow guests to maximise the experience of transitioning from al fresco spaces to covered areas with ease. We take a look at exactly how Thailand’s finest private villas strike the perfect balance of the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

A meal to remember

Built into a tropical hillside overlooking the Gulf of Siam, guests staying at Koh Samui’s L2 Residence can enjoy splendid views whist dining al fresco.

Whether you’re settling down for a quick lunch with your family or preparing for a formal evening dinner party, there are plenty of choices when it comes to the setting of your meal. Depending on the kind of ambience you’re keen to create, you can choose to take the meal indoors or outdoors.

Koh Samui’s L2 Residence showcases the range of dining options guests at a private villa have to choose from. For a meal that oozes wow factor, the al fresco dining table overlooking Samui’s craggy coastline and endless ocean views is perfect. However, there’s also a stylish indoor dining area for those keen to take their meal in the cool comfort of the air conditioning – with expansive glazing that ensures the ocean vistas are still present.

For more of an informal experience, many of Thailand’s private villas also feature their own barbecue pits, complete with covered al fresco lounges and relaxation salas where lunch can be enjoyed in more of a casual setting.

A haven of relaxation

The plush outdoor lounge area at Koh Samui’s magnificent Villa Blue View provides a sublime spot for relaxation, that’s complemented by far-reaching ocean vistas

One of the greatest features of many Thai private villas is the wealth of spaces they offer up for pure relaxation – after all, isn’t the quest for tranquillity one of the main reasons we go on holiday? Breezy indoor salons and plush bedrooms provide comfortable, private areas to settle down and unwind, while outdoor lounges and furnished beach-view salas provide an al fresco setting ideal for those who would rather get that much closer to nature.

Take for example Samui’s Villa Blue View – if the comfortable sun loungers on the pool terrace aren’t enough for you, there’s a covered lounge area too. Luxurious cushioned seats wrap around the edge of the outdoor lounge, which like many of the villa’s spectacular vantage points, enjoys stunning ocean views. Inside, the folding glazed doors that form the edge of the plush seated living area can even be drawn back, allowing you to enjoy the indoor-outdoor feel at all times. While Villa Blue View is just one of Thailand’s opulent holiday properties, many dwellings across Phuket and Koh Samui feature a similar setup, with a choice of equally enticing inside and outside relaxation spaces.

Entertainment options

Guests staying at Koh Samui’s L2 Residence can enjoy a few tunes outside whilst relaxing with sunset drinks.

When it comes to creating the perfect ambience, it’s vital to pick out the right musical backdrop. While the principal hub for your villa’s entertainment system will be situated indoors, that doesn’t mean your favourite tunes can only be enjoyed from spaces inside the house. Many of Thailand’s finest villas come with top-of-the-range audio-visual systems that allow you to pipe music throughout the property – include outdoor zones.

Koh Samui’s sublime L2 Residence provides a textbook example. Firstly, the high-speed fibre wireless internet connection will allow you to stream all of your favourite tunes from the internet if you haven’t already loaded them up onto your smartphone or tablet. The wireless Sonos sound system allows you to pipe the music throughout the whole house, so it can be enjoyed everywhere from the outdoor dining area to the bedrooms. In terms of audio-visual equipment, the projector with Denon sound system and the Apple TV in the living room is the cherry on the cake at L2 Residence.

Spa-like luxury

Enjoy a private, relaxing soak at Villa Baan Fan Noi in your very own spa-like cocoon.

Thailand’s balmy tropical climate allows guests to enjoy the luxury of indoor and outdoor bathing facilities. Amenities including outdoor tubs and rainfall showers help to establish the ultimate spa-like feeling – without having to even leave the house. Some properties also feature their own dedicated massage rooms, for guests that want to truly unwind and enjoy the full pamper experience. For those that are keen to indulge in a professional massage, outdoor salas provide a breezier setting for more invigorating treatments, too.

Each of the bedrooms at Koh Samui’s Baan Fan Noi, for example, is home to a own walled, outdoor bathroom. Facilities including rainfall showers enhance the tropical experience, and two of these stunning al fresco ensuites even feature standing terrazzo tubs for the ultimate indulgent soak. The use of natural materials, including stone and wood, further imbue the space with a luxury rainforest feel; the addition of tall ferns and other greenery complete the effect.


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