The team at Koh Samui’s Emerald Beach Villa 4 meet all guests’ needs

A luxury private villa in Thailand can feel like a true home away from home. Not only do upscale holiday properties boast an array of excellent private facilities, but there is always a team of staff on on-hand to ensure guests feel welcome and taken care of. From the moment you arrive, right up until you close thee taxi door to begin the journey back to the airport, the personalised service is first rate. Guests want for nothing while they are staying at one of Thailand’s rental villas, and it’s this excellent service that adds to the overall luxury of the experience.

We take a look at exactly how your villa’s staff will make you feel welcome, allowing you to settle into your holiday home with ease.

A refreshing welcome

A chilled beverage provides an instant refresher when you arrive at your private villa

Whether you’ve arrived in Koh Samui or Phuket by plane or boat, it’s likely that you will have needed a long journey to get there. Travelling in the heat can often be exhausting, and by the time you arrive at your villa, you’ll be feeling parched and need of a cool, refreshing drink. Guests staying in one of Thailand’s luxury private rental villas won’t have to wait long for refreshments. They are presented with a chilled beverage on arrival – usually a refreshing fruity or herb infused mocktail that will hydrate and re-invigorate even the most travel weary soul. Some villa staff also give their guests chilled towels on arrival so they can clean up after their long journey.

Guests arriving at Koh Samui’s blissful Sun Kissed villa will be presented with a homemade Thai punch, garnished with lime for an extra twist of flavour. This can be enjoyed in the property’s spacious air-conditioned lounge, or out on the sun loungers adjacent to the pool. If you’re in the mood to toast your arrival, this refreshing beverage can be followed up with a chilled glass of beer or bubbles.

No heavy lifting

Your villa staff will take your luggage directly to your sleeping quarters

After heaving your luggage around the airport and then perhaps into the boot of a taxi, you’re probably feeling hot, flustered and exhausted. Luckily, from the moment you arrive at a boutique Thai villa you no longer have to worry about struggling with heavy bags – that’s what your villa’s team of staff are for. Typically, a member of staff will greet you from your taxi or privately hired vehicle, and take your luggage for you. Once you’ve decided which room you’ll be sleeping in, they’ll be able to take it there for you, too.

The sleeping quarters at Koh Samui’s Emerald Beach Villa 4 are particularly comfortable Some of the bedrooms even feature glazed doors which can be drawn back to provide access to the garden and views. The master suite, for example, enjoys stunning views of the ocean. While a member of your villa’s staff carries your luggage up to the room, you’re free to relax and take in the view.

Personal tour

Once you’ve had a few moments to settle in, a member of your villa’s friendly team of staff will take you on a tour of the property

You’ve enjoyed a refreshing drink and a rest, so now you’re feeling ready to go. After having glimpsed a few of the rooms in your private villa on the way in, you’re probably excited to start exploring. A member of your villa’s friendly team will be happy to take you on a tour of the property, explaining exactly what facilities are available. They will also show you how to use the television, audio equipment and connect to the WiFi, if you’re keen to use it.

WW Beach House on stunning Natai Beach near Phuket, is one of the region’s most stylish boutique properties. A tour around the dwelling will reveal a chic, contemporary villa set within lush tropical gardens. The villa manager will show you the living and kitchen areas, plus the peaceful bedrooms before leading you outside to the inviting pool and sun terrace. You’ll also be greeted by beautiful views of the Andaman Sea as you stroll through the property.

Snack Attack

Guests can tuck into a much-needed home-cooked meal after their long journey

For many travellers, long journeys are sure to build up a big appetite. If you’re feeling too tired to go out for dinner, why not have a Thai chef whip up a culinary masterpiece for dinner when you arrive at your villa? The services of a professional chef are available in most of Thailand’s upscale private rental villas, either upon request or as standard. He or she will be able to whip up a delectable feast of Thai or Western treats, depending on the flavours you fancy. On your first evening at the villa, you will also be able to sit with the villa manager and chef to discuss a personalised menu for the rest of their stay.

Guests staying at Phuket’s exquisite Villa Apsara often choose to take their first in-villa meal on the outdoor dining terrace, which is situated right next to the pool. The food served here is exquisite, and guests can look forward to tucking into a selection of authentically prepared Thai dishes.

Relax and Unwind

A massage is a great way to relax and unwind after you arrive at your private villa

Long journeys in cramped seats are not good news for the body. After a long-haul flight your muscles might feel twisted and cramped, leaving you uncomfortable and unable to fully relax. If you’re staying in one of Thailand’s boutique villas, you can kick-start your relaxing holiday with an indulgent massage. Many villas on islands like Samui and Phuket feature their own dedicated spa rooms. Alternatively, some guests prefer to have an invigorating Thai massage in the outdoor sala, where they can feel the gentle kiss of the sea breeze.

Guests staying at the fabulous Emerald Beach Villa 4 in Koh Samui can choose from a selection of spa treatments – from Thai massages to pedicures – and can  enjoy them without even having to leave the comfort of their perfect holiday home.

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