Koh Samui Property

Koh Samui has been a popular holiday destination for some years, and the steady demand for second homes, holiday homes and permanent residences has led to steady year-on year growth in the property market, and a great variety of housing projects completing construction on the island.

There is a wide array of property type available on Samui, such as condo’s apartments, villas and detached houses. Housing estate developments are popular, for the economies of scale, the communal benefits and security they provide, in addition to the rental management schemes many such projects offer. Market analyst's are waiting to observe the outcome of debate regarding regulations such as length of leases and availability of finance, but report both rentals and sales are picking up pace after a slow-down in 2007, due to political uncertainty following the Coup.

Improving services and facilities on the island have also led to increasing numbers of long-staying ex-pats and retirees, as a result of which there is high demand for residential properties and investment in the buy-to-let market.

Given the steady upward trend of property values throughout Thailand, and using Phuket as a potential marker of the future trajectory, Samui agents are confident in high-yield returns on investment.

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