Koh Samui Rentals

The island of Koh Samui is truly one of the most beautiful in the world. Year after year, tourists from every corner of the globe flock to enjoy its natural beauty and the ever growing range of accommodation options, facilities and services on offer.

Koh Samui is located in the shining blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand and is one of Thailand’s largest islands. As such it has not only attracted tourists but also second home buyers, which in the last few years has also inspired the emergence of an appealing and varied choice of rental accommodation. A large stable of properties now exists from which to choose with private villas, condominiums and modest houses located throughout Samui's diverse beachside locations. For short term stays, the most popular form of rental accommodation is undoubtedly a private villa. In fact, in holiday and resort destinations all over the world the popularity of villas has skyrocketed in recent years, and in Asia, Koh Samui is one of a handful of destinations that lead the field.

Just as in other places, Koh Samui villa rentals offer a unique sense of privacy and allow visitors to enjoy their time on the island without the hassles of mass tourism. Each of Koh Samui’s villas is highly unique, which means even repeat visitors can enjoy a different experience every time. And private villas are favoured by groups of all sizes, from honeymooners seeking romance to larger families in need space for children, relatives or friends.

Other forms of rental accommodation are also becoming popular on Koh Samui as well, including rental condos and privately-owned suites that are serviced like a hotel. Just like its villa market, Koh Samui’s condo market offers a large variety of sizes and styles, and in the major tourist areas of the island visitors can find some truly luxurious developments. Such properties provide a perfect base from which to explore the island and enjoy the shopping and dining options that the more developed areas afford.

For a modest island, Koh Samui offers an impressive diversity of locations for rental properties, each of which has its own unique atmosphere and character. The most populated parts of the island are generally concentrated along the east coast, especially around Chaweng and Lamai, but Koh Samui’s more isolated northern beaches are also now becoming more popular, especially among those seeking peace and relaxation.

Koh Samui Rental properties along these northern beaches, as well as on the west and southern coasts which are even less built up, can be more spacious, more peaceful and more private than in the busier parts of Samui. Some villas will even open onto an almost private beach that is still completely unspoilt.

Renting Koh Samui rentals are a great way to make sure time spent on the island is enjoyed in comfort and without interference from other guests. The property market now features a wide variety of properties and locations that suit virtually any taste or budget. With the island also offering great shopping and dining, as well as plenty to do and see, there is no better place for your next bespoke holiday.

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