Luxury Holiday Villa Phuket

Many people dream of owning a holiday home overseas and when they choose to buy on Phuket they are guaranteed a wealth of luxury options for their money. Over the past twenty years the island has seen a steady stream of investors and experts do not expect it to slow down for some time.

Attracted by its warm sunny climate, beautiful beaches, abundance of activities as well as it well established infrastructure and private health services its continues to bring in new and returning visitors - producing a large customer base for potential rentals.

Investors are now looking for cheaper investments options outside of the main beach areas of Patong, Kata and Karon.  As property prices here are now at a premium and out of most people budgets.  Real Estate agents and developers are now looking to develop the more remote beaches on east and western coasts - where the land is cheaper and more potential to create and build more exclusive luxury holiday villas is.

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