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Koh Samui is a rapidly expanding property market within Thailand, and given Thailand's enviable and ever growing reputation as a holiday destination throughout the world, it was almost inevitable that there would follow a boom in the high-end market in Koh Samui. This has been in full flow for a number of years already. With countless spectacular locations, lots of luxury developments with high-quality facilities have sprung-up. A large proportion of these are foreign investors who find that they can generate an income stream from the rental of these properties through the quality agents on the island. More and more of these investors are now from Eastern Europe, especially Russia and also from North America. Along with this the marketing of the island has increased along with the quality of this marketing. However this is made much easier by the general high standard of investment opportunities.

As might be expected the luxury property prices in Thailand compare very favorably with other markets – this can obviously vary with exchange rates at different times, but in general building costs are lower. Within this high-end part of the market on Koh Samui it is the more secluded areas that are more popular, to the far north or south of the island which offer great views and beaches, but also the seclusion that most people looking to purchase at this level desire.

As I mentioned exchanges rates can have an effect on the price in real terms to foreign investors – the larger the investment, the bigger the effect – but as a guide the luxury market starts at prices of 30 million baht to 100 million (and a small number of properties over this amount). Designs can differ greatly, so the choice is wide, depending on taste. All will have large pools, western or Thai designs or a mixture of the two.
The recent economic downturn has obviously affected markets all over the world, but certainly as far a Koh Samui is concerned it has given rise to new level of ideas to differentiate from the crowd and has resulted in an increased choice of outstanding properties with many unique features and finishing touches that you might not imagine to be available anywhere other than Thailand and especially Koh Samui.

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