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Phuket Beach
For years now, Phuket has been famous throughout Southeast Asia and beyond as home to some of the world's best beaches, among it one of the most desirable holiday destinations on the planet. Last year saw record numbers of visitors pass through the island's airport and this has inspired a range of new accommodation options, the most appealing being private rental villas.
A life of luxury
The market for Phuket luxury villas on the island only really started to pick up in the last 10 years, but in a relatively short period of time demand for such properties has prompted the development of some truly luxurious offerings. Phuket has weathered the global economic storm of the last few years with incredible resilience and property prices have largely held steady. In some ways, the GFC has helped investors, as less reputable and well financed operations were forced out of business. Today, most developers operating on Phuket follow international standards that are fully enforced, with the end result being that the island is now home to stunning properties that are as safe and well constructed as the best holiday homes anywhere else in the world.
Phuket luxury villas
"Developers are investing in Phuket's property sector."
While customers are happy to know that the villas on Phuket are well built, it is the exclusive facilities and service extras that really make Phuket’s rental properties so attractive. Any true luxury villa on the island will come with the following facilities:
Private pool 
Private Jacuzzi
Sun terrace
Private beach
Landscaped gardens
Another part of what makes luxury villas extra special is the personalised services that guests receive, especially if the property is managed by a professional company like Luxury Villas and Homes. In addition to the services that one would generally expect from quality accommodation, such as daily housekeeping, additional staff may include a private chef to prepare gourmet meals, and a concierge to help with tips, restaurant bookings and onward travel arrangements. Such services are what makes these properties stand out even more, guaranteeing a very special experience for rental guests.
An exclusive address
patong-street-lit up-at-night
Locations for villas on Phuket vary greatly, and each property therefore offers guests a different experience. One of the island’s major tourist areas is Patong, which is one of the most developed areas. Guests who enjoy a vibrant nightlife scene and international shopping and dining options might therefore enjoy staying in a villa close to the Patong area. Those who would prefer to have a more relaxed experience would probably prefer to stay elsewhere in Phuket, such as one of the island’s more isolated beaches in the northern parts of the island or even over the Sarisin Bridge on the mainland in Phang Nga. 
“Visitors can choose a private villa in a variety of locations"
Whatever the chosen location, Phuket’s luxury villas are in a class of their own, offering an incredible range of personalised services and amenities and a huge variety of designs and configurations. Nowhere is more than an hour from Phuket International Airport, so it's easy to get to and from your villa, and with constantly improving infrastructure it is easy to get around the island as well. 
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