Private Villas on Phuket

Located in the Andaman Sea in the southern part of Thailand, Phuket has long enjoyed a position as Thailand's most famous island resort and one of the most visited places in Southeast Asia. Boasting all the ingredients that make for the perfect holiday destination – warm weather year around, beautiful white sandy beaches, tropical forests and world class hospitality – it is no wonder that Phuket's popularity has only increased over the years and continues to do so.

A Diverse Destination

Catering to a wide range of travellers, from the typical family with children, to honeymooners, backpackers and even retirees, Phuket has something for everyone. The island's west coast attracts most of the attention, thanks to the choice of beaches, with the majority of hotels, resorts and private villa developments also located there. The southwestern part of the island is home to some lesser known beaches, but no less beautiful, and some stunning Phuket villa developments are also to be found on the east coast, where commercial private yachts can also be seen exploring the many surrounding islets. The northeastern part of Phuket is less developed and therefore offers more seclusion — an escape from the busier areas to the west.

Phuket's West Coast Beaches

The most lively nightlife and entertainment offerings are centred around Patong, while north form there is where the majority of private luxury villas are situated, most of them offering splendid sunset views over the Andaman Sea.

The Rise of the Villa

A popular tourist destination for Thais as well as foreigners and expats living in Asia, Phuket has seen an increase in private villa developments in the sat few years as the demands of visitors have changed. Families with children, or those travelling together as a group, have awakened to the benefits of renting one large private villa as opposed to several rooms in a resort.

"Groups staying on Phuket for a wedding or a celebration often find more exclusivity in a private villa rather than a function room in a large hotel."

The Phuket villa market is mostly driven by individual investors who buy for a range of purposes. Some buy as a pure investment, choosing configurations and interiors that are careful planned to appeal to rental guests, while others buy as a second or retirement home, often preferring more individualised designs and decor. As a result, the supply of rental villas now features a wide range of types and styles and there is something to suit every need and taste.

Personalised Hospitality

The provision of onsite service staff such as maids, drivers, nannies and chefs, means guests in a rented holiday home need not miss out on all the amenities offered at luxury hotels or resorts. Professional management companies like Luxury Villas and Homes employ hundreds of dedicated individuals, who are trained to provide the very best in bespoke service for their guests.

Exclusive Amenities

Most villas have large private pools, and some also come with a smaller plunge pool for children. Other top notch additions include private cinemas and games rooms, offices and libraries, spa facilities and a kids playground. Location is also a major draw for private villa guests as the properties are either located right on the beach or set on lush hillsides enjoying stunning views.

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