Samui Beach Villas

Nearly four decades since tourists first started choosing Koh Samui as a holiday destination, and today the island’s beautiful beaches continue to attract thousands of visitors with the services 

However, a more recent development has been the proliferation of beautiful beach villas throughout Koh Samui’s beaches, offering privacy and luxury right at the water’s edge. Villas anywhere are prized for their sense of privacy and exclusivity, but on Koh Samui especially this luxurious feeling can be taken to the next level. 

Some Samui Beach villas are small, just two bedrooms and maybe another small room, but others are truly opulent, with eight or ten bedrooms and large common areas for mingling and socializing. These kinds of villas are much favoured by families or those on a corporate retreat. 

Villas large or small will almost all feature incredible amenities, such as a private pool, a Jacuzzi, a private terrace to watch the sunset or a state-of-the-art home security system. Many Samui villas will also come with their own staff, such as a housekeeper to tidy up, a concierge to make recommendations and reservations or a private chef to cook up delectable meals. 

Koh Samui’s beach villas are well-positioned to take advantage of the many fun activities Koh Samui offers. The island is home to some incredible snorkeling and scuba diving, with brightly coloured and exotic fish plentiful in the nearby waters. Visitors can also try out water skiing, parasailing, hang-gliding and more. Those who like to keep their feet on the ground could check out the island’s incredible mountains, with trekking routes led by experienced guides. Those seeking something more relaxing could check out Koh Samui’s world-class dining and shopping outlets. 

The island itself is a manageable size, with a total area of slightly under 250 sq km. A ring road covers the perimeter of the island, which means getting to or from any beach to another is fast and easy. For getting around, cars or motorbikes can be rented, or visitors can use one of the many of the pick up truck that patrol the island as private buses. Be sure to negotiate a price before leaving. 

Koh Samui’s private villas are the best way to enjoy everything the island has to offer, and with properties of all shapes and sizes it is easy to see why these residences are so attractive. The island itself is packed with plenty to do and see whether one wants an adventurous time or relaxing days in paradise. The villas are also available at great value for money, and with beautiful weather all year round there are few more appealing places than Koh Samui for a dream vacation.

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